Buy Your Geneva TPG Bus Ticket Via Text

GENEVA, Switzerland – You know that sinking feeling when you need to hop in a bus and you don’t have cash or an appropriate credit card to pay for your bus fare? Fear no more! As of 1 February 2015, you can use your Swiss mobile phone to purchase your Geneva bus ticket. 

Dial 788, type TPG1 if you don’t have a fare reduction card, or TPG2 if have one (demi-tariff). The latter option shaves off one franc from the full fare from 3.00 to 2.00. The ticket gives you access to all of means of transportation inside canton Geneva and to some transportation in neighboring France and canton Vaud during 60 minutes.

After sending the text to 788, you will receive a text confirming your purchase and indicating the expiration time. This SMS serves as both, your ticket and receipt. (For those new in town: you only need to present this text to authorities when required but not to the bus driver.)

All-day bus cards

There are two cards journalières — one valid before 09:00, and the second one after 09:00.

The day pass costs CHF10 for full service without any discounts and gives you access to all means of transportation within the canton from 5:00 to the end of bus service — usually 02:00 the following day.

The second pass costs CHF7.30 for an all-day pass starting at 09:00 and also good until the early hours of the following day.

TPG ticket via phone SMS Text
TPG ticket via phone SMS Text

There are a few restrictions:

  • The ticket must be purchased and received before boarding the vehicle
  • If traveling with others, you must purchase individual tickets by sending an SMS for each person in your party
  • Tickets can only be issued through Swiss mobile phones (phones with Swiss SIM cards). If you don’t have a Swiss mobile phone, you can use a credit card and/or cash to purchase the tickets. See the options available below.

You will be billed by your mobile provider at the end of your phone billing cycle without additional fees.

What to text: Send any of the following codes to 788 to purchase the appropriate bus pass

  • TPG1 — 60mins, full fare, CHF3
  • TPG2 — 60mins, with reduced fare card, CHF2
  • CJ1 — All day starting before 09:00, full fare, CHF10 (good for 2 people traveling together during the weekend)
  • CJ2: —All day starting before 09:00 with reduced fare card, CHF7.50 (good for 2 people traveling together during the weekend)
  • CJ91 — All day starting after 09:00, full fare, CHF8
  • CJ92 — All day starting after 09:00 with reduced fare cards, CHF5.60

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