Thanksgiving, Drinksgiving, Black Friday and Friendsgiving for the homesick in Geneva

GENEVA, Switzerland – Are you homesick and in need of turkey, pronto? Here’s your guide to Thanksgiving in Geneva, Black Friday (yeap, some are doing it minus the turkey), and Drinksgiving (albeit, if you work on Thursday and still have to prepare the turkey you might skip all together!)

  • Drinksgiving: or visiting your local neighborhood bar as you go back home to celebrate Thanksgiving is “a tradition” for some. If you miss it, think of patronizing Mr. Pickwick or The Clubhouse where plenty of expats hangout.
  • Thanks and Friendsgiving (a Thanksgiving with friends!). See how to source your meal in the list below. In addition, some 5-Star Hotels offer upscale alternatives, including the Intercontinental Geneva (think turkey breast stuffed with walnuts); and the Hotel Beau-Rivage which hosts the American International Club annual dinner and dancing gala.
  • Black Friday: I can personally live without it, yet many Swiss sure are picking up the “Black Friday” habit. Various malls routinely offer mild shopping discounts on Friday after T-Day. Manor has made waves opening the doors earlier than usual, at 7:30 instead of 9:00. Mind you, there are no long lines or crazy shoppers running!

A Guide to Sourcing Your Local Thanksgiving Feast

If you are reading this post chances are that you are new to Geneva.

If that is the case, before we begin, let me give you some unsolicited advice: measure your oven up to the heating coil to make sure your turkey will fit in. Ovens in most rental apartments in Geneva are deceptively small. Be warned, turkeys cost twice as much in Geneva as they do in the US; however, they are fresh and you’ll taste the difference.

Fresh turkey in Switzerland1
Fresh turkey from the French farm to the Swiss market, only three days.


Last minute? Don’t panic, fresh turkey abounds. Find yours at,


American Food Avenue in Cologny, the American Store together with Coop, Globus, Manor and Migros offer most fixings needed for T’day.

I have also listed some popular items in alphabetical order in case you’re looking for just one particular item:

Cranberries Aligro Imported US cranberries
Imported US cranberries found in Aligro

Cranberries (fresh), sometimes sold as canneberges or airelles

Cranberry sauce (canned)

Cream of mushroom



  • American Food Avenue in Cologny carries the real McCoy.
  • Migros sells a very similar product to molasses.
  • My American Market sells molasses online with delivery in France.
  •, Ayurveda online store in Switzerland.

Pumpkin mix

Sweet potatoes/Yams (canned) – fresh at any supermarket

Thank you for your readership. Happy Thanksgiving!

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