Geneva Lake Festival & Evian fireworks: where to watch?

GENEVA – ‘Tis the season of fireworks over Lake Geneva and this weekend is no exception. First, the Fêtes de Genève (strangely re-branded as Geneva Lake Festival), a 10-day open air carnival which culminates with the second-largest fireworks in Europe. And if that is not enough, on Monday the neighboring city of Evian, celebrates the 72nd anniversary of its liberation with a 4-day festival and fireworks.

At a cost of 700,000 Swiss francs, paid exclusively by hoteliers these are the longest fireworks in Switzerland and one of the best in the world.

Where to watch the Geneva fireworks on 13 August? A few ideas:

  • Most locals and tourists picnic by the Lake taking spots early-enough. Those in the know, sit by Isle de Rousseau where the crowds are thinner and the view is outstanding (you can even hear the music that accompanies the fireworks). Look at red arrows in the map below for other great areas including the Bains de Paquis.

Geneva Lake festival map

On Monday 15 August, the city of Evian in neighboring France commemorates the day in 1944 when it was liberated from the invading German troops. The 4-day event which begins on Friday 12 August ends on the 15th with fireworks by the Casino.

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