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Since the Federal Council declared the “extraordinary situation” in mid-March, children and adolescents in this country are no longer allowed to go to school. They still have to buffalo. To make learning easier, offer All About Geneva from Monday together with Didacfactory daily learning videos on various math topics (gradients and functions, circular areas, combinatorics, percentages, cones and pyramids). The offer is aimed at high school students from 7th to 9th grade.

Zurich teacher gives students courage

“We decided that we wanted to support schoolchildren and teachers as easily as possible during the Corona crisis,” says founder Norbert Müller. Since the lockdown, around 100,000 students have been using the platform, on which more than 5000 math problems and more than 2000 films are available free of charge until the end of April.

Here is a small sample.

Task 1

exercise 2

Task 3

to learn English

The EF language school also offers help to students. You can access the English e-learning platform for 30 days “English Live” access.

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