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20 minutes - apprentices now have to work on school days
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The employees in the Swiss supermarkets are currently busy. «The situation is very stressful. We are ready to do our part, but we are reaching our limits », says a trainee who works at the Migros Aare cooperative. Much is currently being asked of her and her co-founders.

Although the vocational school has ordered that lessons should from now on be held at home, Migros Aare apprentices can currently be found full-time in the shops: “Distance learning is not done at home as communicated, but in the branches,” Migros wrote to its apprentices in an email. As soon as the learners had completed the tasks, they would have to start again at the branch.

“They now ask me to do my schoolwork as quickly as possible so that I can be deployed in the company,” says the apprentice to All About Geneva. The same goes for other Migros apprentices. This led to the apprentices neglecting the school material. The final exams are already due in the summer: “If the situation does not calm down, I am seriously worried about how I should balance all of this.” In addition, it is not possible to properly concentrate in the branch meeting room: “The loudspeakers keep sounding, employees come and go. There is excitement in the company. »

Exceptional situation

At the request of All About Geneva, the Migros Aare cooperative comments: “We are currently in an extraordinary situation and this requires extraordinary help from everyone,” said media spokeswoman Andrea Bauer. In such a time, learners also needed solidarity and commitment. “In our supermarkets, all of our employees are challenged and often work extra shifts and overtime so that the frames are filled up for our customers,” Bauer continues. However, the learners would have enough time to do their homework.

Understanding of the auditor

According to Sven Sievi, Managing Director of Education Retail Switzerland BDS, distance learning is carried out in the branches: «In exceptional situations, with the approval of the cantonal authority, retailers can use learners instead of distance learning if there is a shortage of staff follow », says Sievi.

The apprentices from the Migros branch understand the extraordinary situation: “I and the other apprentices want to make our contribution so that this society will continue to function in the coming days and weeks.” But: “I am counting on the teachers and examiners to have corresponding understanding with us in the summer.”

The circumstances under which the final exams will take place are not yet known: “We are currently discussing how the final exams can be taken,” says Sievi. He understands the concerns of learners, but also sees the pressure that grocers are currently facing. «We are in an exceptional situation. Everything has to settle down first. »

Coop employs non-food employees

Every employee is also needed at Coop at the moment: “Employees from the closed non-food formats help out in the supermarkets,” says Patrick Häfliger, media spokesman for Coop. On school days, learners would not have to help in the company. Should the school fail, however, the pens would also be needed: “On school-free days, they will be used in the company if possible,” says Häfliger.


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