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20 minutes - delivery services now react to risk groups
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As the first food delivery service, Farmy now prefers customers who belong to the risk group. The start-up from Altstetten in Zurich delivers fresh and regional products directly from the producer. «Customers see where the products come from. They often know the baker or butcher from the neighborhood, »explains Roman Hartmann, co-founder of Farmy.ch.

Since the federal government declared the extraordinary situation as a result of the corona pandemic, orders have gone through the roof at Farmy, said Hartmann. The demand for fresh products is extremely high. Similar to the large providers Le Shop from Migros and Coop @ home, there are currently longer waiting times. The start-up is fully booked until April.

Hundreds of orders on the first day

Extra capacities have now been created for high-risk patients. “Since there is no purchase offer for risk patients that does not require them to go outside, they can write to us and their deliveries will be delivered first,” says Hartmann. We then store on the website and on the app that this person is preferred. People need to submit their data so that it can be shown that they really are at risk.

At-risk patients include those who are in quarantine and cannot leave the house. Hundreds of new orders have been placed with Farmy on the very first day. “People are dependent on this offer, you can tell that,” said Hartmann.

Migros sends the Amigos off

The big ones are also adapting their home delivery offer to the situation. The

With Pro Senectute, Migros launched a new opportunity to help neighbors. People from high-risk groups and people in quarantine or self-isolation can have urgently needed food and everyday goods brought home free of charge. For the time being, the offer is only available in the region of the Aare cooperative, but it is to be extended to all of Switzerland.

People in risk groups as well as people in quarantine or self-isolation can make their purchases online. Voluntary deliverers from the non-risk group take care of the purchases and – without direct contact – bring them home to the customers free of charge. The service is organized via the Migros Amigos platform. The company also wants to deploy employees who, due to the exceptional situation, no longer have a fixed work allocation.

Coop teams up with the Red Cross

And Coop has also set up a free home delivery service for customers aged 65 and over with a network of volunteers. For the time being, only people within a radius of 15 kilometers around Bern will be able to move. On request, however, Coop announced: “In cooperation with our strategic partner, the Swiss Red Cross, this new service will be continuously expanded to other metropolitan areas such as Lausanne, Zurich and Bern in the coming week.”


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