All About Geneva – “I lost my job because of the virus”

20 minutes - "I lost my job because of the virus"
Written by Gabriel

The Swiss economy suffers from the corona virus. Many companies therefore apply for short-time work. However, this is not always possible or is not sufficient to save the company from financial ruin. That’s why some companies fire their employees. This fate also affects many 20-minute readers:

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Vanessa (25), assistant store manager: «Because of the corona virus, I lost my job during the trial period. This is a disaster, since I will now receive no money from the RAV because I have not had a job in the past twelve months. »

Rebecca (25), bar worker: “In fact, I no longer have a job because I am employed on an hourly wage basis and the hours have now been canceled. I feel abandoned as an hourly wage. The federal government is making huge amounts of money available for short-time work, but what about the hourly employees? »

Sandra (30), orthopedist: «As an orthopedic surgeon, I am responsible for the production and delivery of aids for the sick musculoskeletal system. I was sure that I would never get unemployed with this job, as there will always be people who need help. I didn’t expect Corona, of course; our target group, elderly and disabled people, should stay at home or be shielded. Referral practices and doctors only treat absolute emergencies and leisure activities are prohibited until further notice: the order situation is critical and not everyone can be employed anymore. That’s why I was recently fired. »

Jasmin (22), retail employee: «I was fired at the end of the month and until then I have been released from work. The reason is financial problems because of the current circumstances. I might be hired again as soon as the crisis is over. But I think that’s unrealistic. »

Daniel (47), freelancer in event technology: «The state has given me notice. Accordingly, I feel more bad than right. Because the federal government does not offer a solution on how I can pay my bills, my apartment and my living expenses. A loan that I have to pay off afterwards is not a solution, but only a shift and blaming myself. But: I am not to blame for the situation. »

Sheila (23), nanny: «I worked as a nanny for three families. Because of the Corona crisis, however, all three families, from whom I make a living, have decided as a precautionary measure to immediately stop caring for unknown hours. In this sense it is not a permanent termination, however I cannot work in this indefinite period and am temporarily unemployed. The families are not obliged to pay loss compensation. I only receive the money from the RAV months after registering. As of today, I have no income and I don’t know what my options are to get through this difficult time. »


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