All About Geneva – «Our athletes should now gather first»

20 minutes - «Our athletes should now gather first»
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Ralph Stöckli, are you relieved?

Yes, definitely. I am now even positively surprised that this fundamental decision was made so quickly. We announced our stance to the IOC on Monday. It was simply no longer possible for the athletes to prepare properly with the original appointment.

Is the best solution for you if the games take place in summer 2021? Or would you prefer another date, such as autumn 2020 or spring 2021?

I cannot assess that. It is important to me that the fundamental decision has been made. The responsible committees should reorganize the situation, assess it and decide what is best. It is not up to us to express wishes now.

What’s next for Swiss Olympic?

We are now waiting for the final decision regarding the timing of the games. However this turns out, we are prepared, we do not start from scratch. An additional challenge will be that the next summer games will now move closer to the next winter games. But we will master it.

Various Swiss athletes had already qualified for the original Olympic date or had taken out quota spots. Now a completely new starting point is emerging. How do you see this?

That’s so. A lot has to be reassessed. Will the quota places be preserved or not? Can qualification tournaments take place? Are there any new qualification tournaments? You see, there are questions about questions that need clarification.

For many Swiss athletes, the planning was based on the original Olympic date in July. There could be a certain aimlessness now, especially since it is not clear when there can be competitions in their sports again. What do you recommend to your athletes?

That is a certain danger. We are aware that a lot is now uncertain for them. But they should first breathe and collect before they start planning and rebuilding. And there are not just Olympic games. At some point there will be competitions again.

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