All About Geneva – Police find dead woman and arrest man

20 minutes - Police find dead woman and arrest man
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A crime happened in the Bernese Oberland at lunchtime on Wednesday. As reported by Kapo Bern, it was reported at lunchtime that there had been a homicide in an industrial district in Oey (Diemtigen municipality). Displaced police officers finally found a lifeless woman on site.

Various special services of Kapo Bern were called in to carry out initial investigations into the circumstances and for securing evidence.

The Kapo assumes that the woman died on the same day from the effects of violence. The victim has not yet been formally identified, but there are concrete indications of identity, said Kapo spokeswoman Jolanda Egger: “The focus is on a relationship offense.”

Arrested without resistance

The alleged perpetrator is a 60-year-old national from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The man was stopped shortly after the police were alerted. He was driving his car in Interlaken – the police had spotted the vehicle they were looking for.

The man initially tried to flee by car, but was eventually stopped in the Lindenallee area. The man was arrested without resistance. “He is in custody and has shown himself in the course of initial interrogations,” said Egger.

The regional prosecutor’s office in Oberland has opened proceedings for intentional killing. Further investigations are ongoing.


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