All About Geneva – soldiers send tons of dirty laundry

20 minutes - soldiers send tons of dirty laundry
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“We feel a massive increase in shipments – especially laundry bags,” says Colonel Fritz Affolter, head of the Swiss Army field post. Around 15,000 members of the army are currently deployed and provide support in the fight against the corona virus. Unlike usual, the soldiers and officers are not allowed to go home. Army spokesman Daniel Reist confirms that this will certainly be the case for the next three weeks.

Therefore, the service providers now send kilos of dirty laundry. “In normal times we processed 1000 parcels throughout Switzerland, now there are over 8000 parcels a day,” says Affolter. Swiss Post writes that more and more laundry bags are there.

Important mental support

The field guards therefore reach their limits. Because: The post of the 15,000 members of the army is only taken care of by 80 field guards at 28 gun post offices. “We work under high pressure, keep reaching our capacity limits and have to come up with unconventional solutions,” said the top field guard.

“It is an emergency and the connection to loved ones is becoming increasingly important,” says Affolter. In this way, the Feldpost conveyed emotions and joys from civilian life. Friends and family show their loved ones that they are thinking of them with a letter or a snack. The Feldp√∂stler is happy about the many parcels – especially in times of social media, Feldpost is an important physical connection between the members of the army and their loved ones. This is an important mental support. “The field post strengthens the troops’ morale with their work.”


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