All About Geneva – This is how the Federal Council welcomes its guests

20 minutes - This is how the Federal Council welcomes its guests
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The red carpet is regularly rolled out in the Bernese sweeping set. The Lohn estate is located there, an old villa with ornate archways, a large garden and a fountain. “Wages”, as the building in Bern is called, serves as a guest seat for heads of state. At the invitation of the Federal Council, personalities such as Winston Churchill, Queen Elisabeth II or the former French President François Mitterrand have already stayed there. Most recently, it was Nana Akufo-Addo, Head of State of Ghana, who was welcomed there with a red carpet and military in late February. He went there by train like that “Swiss Railway Review” reported.


Would you like to live in a villa?

The country estate Lohn was built a good 237 years ago, but has only been in the possession of the Swiss Confederation since 1943. Previously, Villa Friedrich belonged to Emil Welti, son of the former Federal Councilor Welti. In his will, he bequeathed the country estate to the government as a recreational oasis. Since then, heads of state have been welcomed there at least once a year. While they used to spend the night “on wages”, this is no longer common today.

Nonetheless, discussions continue to take place on the wage estate, as well as eating and maintaining diplomacy. Swiss specialties are often prepared to bring guests to the taste of the country.


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