All About Geneva – “This recognition is good for us nurses”

20 minutes - "This recognition is good for us nurses"
Written by Gabriel

“D Helde vo dääne Dääg wear white instead of red-blue” is the banner that has been on display at the hospitals in the Basel region since yesterday. The video of a banner that also reached All About Geneva was circulating among the employees of the Baselland Cantonal Hospital yesterday.

“It comes from the Bruderholz Hospital,” says the reader reporter when asked about All About Geneva. She is a nurse herself and is therefore addressed directly by the embassy. “We were all very happy about that,” she says. “It is a difficult time for us and this recognition is good.”

In the meantime, the heroes in action should have seen the message live. “We at the nursing staff are already very afraid because we don’t know what will happen next. This message is a nice encouragement, »says the reader-reporter.

Banners at several hospitals

As she noticed, there was also a banner at the cantonal hospital in Liestal. A look at the social media confirms this. A recording of the Liestal banner is currently circulating on Facebook and Instagram.

The users celebrate the campaign with comments and likes. The picture was also shared in the FCB forum. A user writes: «Very nice gesture! So make me proud, a FCB fan z sy! » But the nurses are not only encouraged in the Basel area.

Solidarity helps the workforce

“FCB fans also hung a banner at the University Hospital Basel, as hospital spokesman Nicolas Drechsler confirmed against All About Geneva. “This solidarity is enormous,” he says. The burden is high. “The many offers and benefits from all sides are very popular with the workforce,” says Drechsler. “This helps.”


Source–> http://www.20min.ch/schweiz/basel/story/24449034

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