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Anthony Fauci: “You don’t do the timeline, the virus does the timeline” on relaxing public health measures

Anthony Fauci: "You don't do the timeline, the virus does the timeline" on relaxing public health measures
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“You have to be realistic,” Fauci told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “Prime Time.”

“And you have to understand that you don’t create the timeline, the virus does the timeline. So you have to respond to what you see happening. And if you keep seeing this acceleration, it doesn’t matter what you say. One week, two weeks, three weeks – you have to follow the situation on the ground. “

His comments are consistent with President Donald Trump’s growing desire to facilitate public health guidelines that have shut down businesses and kept workers home when the virus has spread. The president has even said he wants the nation “to open and just scared to go at Easter” – a date just a few weeks away that few health experts believe will be enough to contain the outbreak.

“You might be looking at a relatively shorter time, when you see that it is leveling off and coming down,” Fauci said, referring to slowing the rate of the outbreak. “But you know, you can’t make an arbitrary decision until you see what you’re dealing with. You need the information.”

Fauci, a veteran doctor, has also not been afraid to disprove Trump to the president’s face.

The dynamics were on full display when Trump was asked earlier this month about a timeline for a vaccine during a White House meeting that opened to reporters.

“I don’t know what the time will be. I’ve heard very fast numbers, the months. And I’ve heard pretty much in a year would be an external number. So I think it’s not a bad interval. But if you talk about three to four months in a couple of cases, one year in other cases, “Trump said.

Fauci, who was in the room, immediately corrected the president: “Let me make sure you get … information. A vaccine that you do and start testing in a year is not a vaccine that can be distributed.”


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