Coronavirus: Idris Elba feels OK “without change”

Coronavirus: Idris Elba feels OK "without change"
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Status update: Idris Elba is still in quarantine – and feels the homesickness.

The “Cats” actor took to Twitter on Wednesday to let fans know that yes, he is still in quarantine, but he feels OK. The 47-year-old tested positive for the corona virus last week.

“Hope everyone can handle this $ @@ !! Currently still in quarantine. Sab [Elba’s wife, Sabrina Dhowre Elba] and I still feel ok so far without change. Dr. told us that after quarantine, we will be immune for some time since our antibodies fought against it, ”he wrote during his selfie.

“At some point we would like to go home to London. BSAFE. ”

Elba spoke at the WE Day 2020 event in London earlier this month, where Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, also spoke and reportedly posed with the actor. She tested positive just a few days before.

The actor has kept his fans updated on his condition via social media and has urged them to take the novel coronavirus seriously. He even shared two long videos to dispel a “strange myth” he constantly saw on the internet: that black people were immune to the virus.

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