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Drunk man coughing at Nile’s cops, shouting ‘Now you have Corona’, police say – CBS Chicago

Drunk man coughing at Nile's cops, shouting 'Now you have Corona', police say - CBS Chicago
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CHICAGO (CBS) – A 52-year-old man who had been driving drunk earlier this month in the northern suburb of Niles is deliberately coughing up police who tried to perform field sobriety tests and claimed he had “corona bacteria,” police say.

Grzegorz Kuprowski, of Niles, has been charged with aggravated battery to a peace officer, aggravated driving under the influence, driving on a revoked license, resisting arrest and other charges, according to police and Cook County court records.

Grzegorz Kuprowski (Source: Niles Police)

Niles Police Sgt. Tony Scipione said officers responded to a 911 call on March 14 about a man sitting in a running vehicle for an extended period of time and went out several times to urinate. When officers arrived to investigate, they found Kuprowski in the driver’s seat of a 2008 Honda CRV, and a half-naked drunk female was killed on the floor.

The officers urged paramedics to take the woman to the hospital, and while talking to Kuprowski, “he was visibly angry with the police and refused to follow the officers’ inquiries,” according to Scipione.

Believing in Kuprowski was intoxicated, officers began administering field authenticity tests when Kuprowski became angry, and began coughing at them, saying “get away”, and that he had “the corona bacteria,” Scipione said.

The police called for additional medical services for Kuprowski, who then lay on the ground and claimed that he was tired and weak. As the officers approached him while he was on the ground, he jumped up and charged them, coughing at them and shouting “now you have corona, now you have corona!”

Kuprowski was arrested and taken to Amita Resurrection Medical Center in Chicago, police say. It was not immediately clear if he was tested for COVID-19.

“Unfortunately, I can’t release his medical information,” Scipione said.

Kuprowski was later released and is now being held without bond in Cook County Jail.


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