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South Africa bans walking dogs during the coronavirus crisis

South Africa bans walking dogs during the coronavirus crisis
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Governments around the world have begun to put severe restrictions on dogs to minimize the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

Dog lovers in South Africa have been ordered not to take their beloved pets on a three-week walk, Police Minister Bheki Cele said at a news conference.

“We had discussions and agreed that there should be no dogs,” Cele said. “If you really want to walk your dog, do it around your house – it ends there.”

The new coronavirus crashes – which also prohibit jogging – come as the country, which has had 709 confirmed cases, is starting a 24/7 curfew that police and military will begin enforcing Friday.

South Africans can still leave the house for important services and to buy necessities such as food and medicine. Unlike New York, however, the country has considered alcohol sales as unnecessary.

“Any person who is seen leaving a liquor store, we will have problems,” Cele warned.

Dog lovers in Spain, where the virus has also been affected, are still allowed to walk their pets – but cannot rent them to others who try to get out of the house.

Gard Civil Police told Reuters it sanctioned a man who had repeatedly tried to hire his dogs on Facebook.

Spain, which has had 47,610 cases and 3,344 deaths, declared an emergency on March 14 that imposed strict restrictions on movement – which led to 484 people arrests so far since the start of the quarantine, police said.

The Hong Kong government has asked dog owners not to abandon their pets and stop kissing them after a second dog tested positive for coronavirus and sent for quarantine, Marketwatch reported.

“In the United States, there is no evidence to suggest that some animals, including pets, livestock or wildlife, may be a source of COVID-19 infection right now,” according to the CDC.

“However, since all animals can carry bacteria that can make people sick, it is always a good idea to practice healthy habits around pets and other animals.”


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