Texas distiller founders move production to hand sanitizer for first responders

Texas distiller founders move production to hand sanitizer for first responders
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Just a month ago, co-owners of Bendt Distilling Company Natasha DeHart created their unique blend of Texas whiskey at their Lewisville distillery. Now she has completely shifted production to fight coronavirus and help Dallas County by producing and providing free hand sanitizer to local law enforcement, hospitals and first responders.

“Every day we have a pickup from Dallas County and then they distribute it to all first responders who are in most need,” DeHart told Fox News. “Right now, literally only we are providing hand sanitizer to Dallas County.”

DeHart is ranked as one of the few female distiller founders and whiskey mixers in the United States and has worked to raise the blended whiskey category.

The Coronavirus pandemic stopped DeHart’s operations in its tracks and she was forced to cut the workforce in half from 20 employees to 10. Despite the economic setbacks, DeHart is determined to step up for her beloved community and state.

“This is definitely a horrible business decision in the whiskey industry, but for the health and continuity of our society and our state, we knew we had to increase,” she said.

The production of hand sanitizer has been a huge financial burden for Bendt Distilling and the resources are low. DeHart has accepted two separate grain-neutral donations from Persedo Spirits in Houston and Sazerac Company in Kentucky, respectively, but these supplies are drying up.

DeHart told Fox News that her distillery will probably only be able to continue to help the county for a few more weeks if it does not receive one or two major donors.

“We can’t continue to rely on small, family-owned businesses in this area to donate corn and labels and everything we need to do this on a mass scale for next month,” DeHart said. “We need one or two big donors, and everyone who is willing and capable and who has a heart for Dallas, how we do it, please step up, the stakes are too high not to.”


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