This interactive map shows how each country handles coronavirus

This interactive map shows how each country handles coronavirus
Written by Liam

A tech startup has launched an online resource for travelers, expatriates and their loved ones to centralize information on how the coronavirus spreads and what each affected country does to mitigate the pandemic.

The interactive, color-coded map, which is updated daily and contains 250 countries that handle COVID-19, is the brain of the US and Norway-based startup, called SafetyWing. It is called Flat out the curve.

Users can click on a country or state or search for it from a box in the upper right corner. It pulls up the latest statistics on the number of infections, deaths and recovered cases. When you click through and, for example, look up New York, a useful information menu is displayed with the latest facts about containment measures and testing and treatment.

Crucially, there are also telephone numbers to call or official public health agencies or websites to access more information.

“Each country has a different strategy when it comes to trying to flatten the curve, based on local conditions and health advice. There is unnecessary confusion and stress caused by a proliferation of often contradictory information and advice from various sources, ”said Sondre Rasch, CEO and co-founder of SafetyWing, in a statement to Fox News.

The statistics on infections and deaths are taken from Johns Hopkin’s own tracking tool, which is also updated daily, but SafetyWing’s main priority is to provide factual information on various measures being implemented.

“It made sense to centralize the official country-by-country guidelines and we hope that by launching this free tool we will do our best to ensure that people know how they can best be safe and play their part in fighting the virus,” Rasch added.


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