All About Geneva – Angry ex-boyfriend goes wild with a woman’s car

20 minutes - Angry ex-boyfriend goes wild with a woman's car
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This week, a case of multiple property damage and trespassing should have been heard by the Glarus Cantonal Court. Due to the current situation, the appointment had to be postponed indefinitely. Specifically, it was about an angry ex-boyfriend who is said to have repeatedly demolished his former girlfriend’s car. The man does not accept the 2018 penalty order, which is why the court hearing should have taken place like that “Southeastern Switzerland” reported.

According to the indictment, the then 49-year-old sneaked into his ex-girlfriend’s garage in March 2018 and damaged her car there. With wood screws, he stabbed all four tires of the Fiat Punto, so that air was lost and the car could no longer drive. Two weeks later, the ex-boyfriend sneaked back into the garage of his former lover: this time he scratched various windows of the car, damaged rubber seals with a pointed object and stuck a foreign key in the fuel cap and broke it off. According to the indictment, the damage to property in this attack amounts to a good CHF 1,500.

The court will have to decide whether the ex-boyfriend is guilty and what the fine will be. The public prosecutor is requesting a conditional fine, a fine of CHF 1,300 and a fee of CHF 600.


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