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20 minutes - consumer protection criticizes Swiss
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“We are currently unable to process refunds on any of our channels,” is how Swiss puts the customers off on its website. The parent company Lufthansa is currently refusing to reimburse the ticket prices for the flights that it canceled.


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Lufthansa already switched off the function on Saturday, but only informed in a newsletter on Monday how “Travelinside” writes. The function was deactivated in all reservation systems and on the airlines’ websites.

According to Swiss, reimbursements for customers remain possible. “However, we ask for your understanding that in the current situation with an unusually high number of inquiries this is not possible within the usual deadlines,” explains a Swiss spokeswoman.

Large companies have enough reserves

It is strange that Swiss in particular is not currently reimbursing the canceled flights. “Such a large company, which regularly reports profits in the hundreds of millions, must have enough reserves,” says Sara Stalder, managing director of the Foundation for Consumer Protection. The reimbursement obligation still applies legally.

This is stated in the EU regulation 261/2004 for passenger rights. Those affected have the right to have their money back. “However, it is an extraordinary and difficult situation,” Stalder points out. In such cases, consumers should always consider whether they want to accept alternative offers.

Rebooking is still possible

Swiss continues to offer the option of rebooking. Tickets that have already been paid for do not expire even on existing flights and can be rebooked until August 31.

Just a few days ago, the Swiss boss said that the airline could not survive without government help. The airline is doing badly because of the Corona crisis: A large part of the Swiss fleet is already on the ground. In addition, the payment of wages had to be postponed.


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