All About Geneva – embarrassing escape from Chur prison

20 minutes - embarrassing escape from Chur prison
Written by Gabriel

There is no trace of three of the detainees. The men fled the police command on Churer Ringstrasse on March 15. The Graubünden cantonal police confirms this opposite the Südostschweiz.ch news portal.

While the police do not want to give any details, the portal has background information and relies on an anonymous source. According to this, the three people managed to escape because a prison guard had left the key in the lock. More specifically, someone from the staff had brought the inmate food and forgotten the key in the door lock. According to the source, one of the inmates stuck his hand through a flap in the door and took the key. In this way he is said to have freed himself and his fellow inmates.

No comment

Anita Senti, spokeswoman for the Graubünden police, only confirmed to Suedostschweiz.ch that three people have escaped from custody. The escapees are still at large. The police have already started investigations. The Kapo does not want to comment on the course of the outbreak or the origin of the three refugee detainees.


Source–> http://www.20min.ch/schweiz/ostschweiz/story/26738534

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