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House Dems including the hopeful 2020, “Squad” member shows coronavirus symptoms

House Dems including the hopeful 2020, "Squad" member shows coronavirus symptoms
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Three House Democrats, including a former hopeful 2020 and a member of “The Squad,” have self-quantified after developing symptoms of coronavirus.

Rope. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.), Seth Moulton (D-Mass.) And Katie Porter (D-Calif.) Each announced Wednesday that they were cautiously left at home while monitoring their symptoms of the rapidly spreading virus, which has already appeared in a House Republican and a House Democrat.

Moulton, a veteran who made a failed bid for the 2020 Democratic nomination, wrote in a Facebook post that he and his wife had developed symptoms of the virus and consulted their primary healthcare provider, VA and the congressional physician, Dr. Brian Monahan.

Moulton wrote that despite being “symptomatic” with a low-grade fever and chest tightness, he and his wife were told that they did not qualify for testing because “the symptoms are minor and a test would not change [their] treatment protocols. “

“As a result, and out of an abundance of caution, I will follow the direction of my doctors and continue to stay at home and quarantine until I hit seven days after my symptoms began to improve and I have no fever for 72 hours,” he wrote.

Seth Moulton
Seth MoultonBoston Globe via Getty Images

Pressley, a beginner in the house and a member of the left-wing “Squad” along with the rope. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, announced their self-quarantine in a statement.

“After experiencing flu-like symptoms, Congresswoman Pressley sought professional medical treatment with a lot of caution. She has been tested for COVID-19 and is awaiting test results, “spokeswoman Lina Francis said.

The Boston Herald reports that “The Squad member was quarantined at home, even though the Massachusetts Democrat’s spokeswoman did not elaborate.

Porter, who served with Pressley as co-chair of Senator Elizabeth Wear’s 2020 campaign, wrote on Twitter that she was tested for COVID-19 after experiencing symptoms that worsened for a week.

Katie Porter
Katie PorterThe Washington Post via Getty Images

“During the weekend I had a fever over 100.4 degrees. As instructed, I continued to isolate in my bedroom and called my supplier. I carefully followed all instructions to visit my doctor and got a test for COVID-19. I’m waiting for results, ” wrote the California Democrat.

“I will remain in my own quarantine until I get the test results back and until my doctor instructs that it is safe for me to leave my home. I participate in the congressional industry by phone and listen to the concerns of our Orange County community. “

The news about the three House Democrats comes after two other congressmen tested positive for the virus, the rope. Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Fla.) And Ben McAdams (D-Utah), who separately announced their diagnoses last Wednesday.

McAdams was taken to the hospital over the weekend due to breathing difficulties.


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