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The United States has more known cases of coronavirus than any other country

The United States has more known cases of coronavirus than any other country
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The US cases piled up on Thursday, surpassing China and Italy. The per capita cases vary due to the large population differences in the countries.

As of Thursday evening, the United States had at least 82,100 cases, while China reported 81,782. More than 510,000 cases have been reported worldwide. Countries are constantly changing and both countries’ overall ranking and ranking can change at any time.

The bleak milestone comes just as US officials said there was a new high point of death reported in a single day.

At least 246 new deaths were reported on Thursday, bringing the total number of deaths across the country to at least 1,195.

The number of cases has distorted hospitals around the country to keep pace with the demand for care.

In New York, where more than half of the US cases have been reported, exhausted hospital workers are turning to increasingly desperate measures to fight the virus.

The New York Bellevue Hospital Center created a makeshift morgue with tents and coolers. At Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, 13 coronavirus patients died within 24 hours.

One registered nurse described what she has experienced at a Long Island hospital and the toll that coronavirus patients take on healthcare professionals.

“I haven’t slept because my mind doesn’t shut down. I cried in the bathroom on my break, while I peeled off PPE from my sweaty self, face masking. I cried all the way home,” the nurse wrote in a social media media post .

The nurse, which CNN does not name, says patients are streaming in with “non-stop coughing, sweating, fever” and with “fear in their eyes.”

“I cry for those who have passed away. I cry because we intubated 5 patients within 10 minutes and I am terrified. I cry for my co-workers, because we know it will be worse and I already feel that it is impossible and we are already at our breaking point I cry for parents, children, siblings, spouses who can not be with their loved ones who can be dying but can not have visitors because it is not allowed to visit, “the nurse added.

Chicago and Detroit may be the next new hotspots

Outbreaks in New York, Washington and California have caught the nation’s attention for weeks – but some health officials predict areas in Michigan and Illinois could be the crisis’s next epicenters.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House corona virus response coordinator, said health officials are concerned that counties like Wayne County, Michigan and Cook County, Illinois are showing a “faster increase” in cases.

Birx noted that 40% of the country has “extraordinarily low rates” of coronavirus “About 19 states have fewer than 200 cases,” she said.

New Orleans on Louisiana & # 39; s front line in coronavirus war, as disaster has state surveillance nursing homes
Louisiana, which has seen coronavirus cases climb this week, is already emerging as another hot spot. New Orleans faces critical shortcomings in fans and protective equipment, an official told CNN Thursday.

“This will be the disaster that defines our generation,” said Collin Arnold, head of the city’s homeland security and preparedness.

Health officials said they are monitoring six state nursing homes, including the 268-resident Lambeth House Retirement Community in New Orleans, where 11 deaths were reported on Tuesday.

Hospital support for lack of equipment

Many hospitals expect to run out of beds within two weeks, as cases continue to increase.

If more beds are not available, “then we do not have the resources to save lives that we need to save,” said former Louisiana Health Secretary Dr. Rebekah Gee. “That’s why these orders are so important.”

But “we haven’t seen the peak of the crisis yet,” Gee said.

Coronavirus Symptoms: What to look for and when to seek help
The US deaths from coronavirus can peak in three weeks, says the epidemiologist

Gee said desperately for protective face masks, saying health care professionals have punched holes in plastic office report covers and run the string through those holes.

“I think what’s equally important is that we need more fans,” she said. “And that’s something the federal government needs to step in and fix.”

Many have urged President Donald Trump to use the Defense Production Act to speed up access to critical health equipment.
This week, Trump and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) gave conflicting information about whether the action was used.
The Grossman School of Medicine is trying to get more doctors into the workforce to help.

New York allows two patients to share a single fan

In an effort to meet the desperate need for medical equipment, the state of New York has approved technology that allows two patients to share a ventilator.

As of Thursday, more than half of US coronavirus cases in the state of New York, with more than 37,000, were, according to CNN’s summary of cases reported by state health officials across the country.

Mr Andrew Cuomo referred to the method as “splitting” and said it meant adding a second set of tubes to a fan.

“It’s not ideal,” Cuomo said on Thursday, “but we think it’s useful.”

New York hospitals need about 30,000 fans and have enough personal protective equipment for the next two weeks only, the governor said.

On Wednesday, the state had 4,000 ventilators in hospitals and another 4,000 on the way from the federal government. New York has also bought 7,000 fans and is “still shopping,” the governor said.

The fans are “the difference between life and death for thousands of New Yorkers,” said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

In San Francisco, Mayor London Breed said her city could see a sharp increase in cases similar to what is seen in New York City.

She estimated that San Francisco may need as many as 1,500 more fans and 5,000 more hospital beds.

“If people who are out in the streets continue to gather with each other, continue to interact with each other which increases the spread of this virus, we will not have enough beds, enough ICUs, enough fans to support the people we Feelers will need them, “Breed said.

“Dear God, stay home, save lives”

Across the country, 21 states have issued home orders, some of which will not take effect until the end of the week.
A Georgia Hospital & # 39; ICUs are filled with critically ill & # 39; koronaviruspatienter

Georgia and Florida do not have state rules, but Atlanta adopted its own order at home and Miami announced a night out.

People without symptoms are driving the spread of coronavirus

In Chicago, Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced Thursday that bike paths, trails and green areas will be closed after crowds are discovered on the city’s seafront.

“Coordinating our lake, to be blunt, will create a risk that is unacceptable and can lead to death,” Lightfoot said. “Dear God, stay home, save lives.”

The decision comes after Interim Chicago Police Chief Charlie Beck said police will begin issuing citations Thursday to residents who do not follow the social distance rules and stay home.

Breaking the order is a misdemeanor that can be punished with a citation with fines of up to $ 500, Beck said. If the violation continues, it may result in physical arrest.

What is & # 39; essential companies & # 39; States seem to have different ideas

New York State has limited non-essential business and gatherings. Residents are encouraged to limit outdoor activities to activities without contact.

Civil fines will be issued to companies that do not meet the requirements, but not to individuals, Cuomo says.

In Los Angeles, Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city will also enforce restrictions on non-essential businesses that stay open.

But Los Angeles police won’t stop people from training and leaving their homes, Garcetti said.

Record-setting unemployment requirements

The widespread closure of companies to try to control the outbreak has led to a record number of Americans filing their first week of unemployment benefits.

Why even a $ 2 trillion rescue plan is too small
About 3.3 million Americans filed for initial unemployment claims during the week ending Saturday, according to newly released Department of Labor statistics.

This is the highest number of initial unemployed claims since the Ministry of Labor began tracking the data in 1967. The previous high was 695,000 claims filed in the week ending October 2, 1982.

Last week’s jump marked a sharp increase from a revised 282,000 claims last week.

Some Americans hope a $ 2 trillion stimulus bill will help, but some analysts say it’s not close enough.

The outbreak can be 12 to 18 months – if we are “lucky”

Hopes that the outbreak may subside during the summer may not be realistic, a Harvard physician said Thursday.

How to help laid-off workers during this pandemic

“We will live with this, in one form or another, for 12 to 18 months if we are lucky,” Dr. Ashish Jha, head of the Harvard Global Health Institute.

That timeframe refers to how long the health authorities predict that it will take to make a widely available vaccine.

“Once we get a vaccine that is effective and widely distributed, we can get the pandemic in the end,” Jha said. “Until then, we will continue to have to confront and deal with the virus.”

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CNN’s Jacqueline Howard, Jen Christensen, Anneken Tappe, Brynn Gingras, Omar Jimenez and Sarah Moon contributed to this report.


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