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All About Geneva is a resources, news and lifestyle blog mostly written by Laila Rodriguez-Bloch, a Colombian-American TV/radio/digital freelance journalist, and communications/media-relations consultant based in Geneva, Switzerland. We’ll guide you to discover one of the most expensive cities in the world “on a budget”, and discover its Latino flavors. Occasionally, contributors highlight personal travel and —being based in Geneva— humanitarian affairs.

From 2009 to 2013, the blog was carried as New to Geneva? Me Too! and later as Geneva Living by the fabulous regional news website GenevaLunch.com.

All content and photos are original and / or duly attributed – please do not reproduce any photos or articles in their entirety without asking first.

laila linked inLaila’s Spanish-language work can be found on NoticiasdeGinebra.com, the only news and resources website in Spanish in the area, which she founded in 2010. NdG has been featured several times in the local Swiss media.


Jared BlochJared Bloch is a communications and media-relations consultant in the areas of refugee resettlement, labour, development and disarmament.

An avid outdoorsman, Jared occasionally writes about marathon hikes, cycling, elegant but simple “engines” —including older Japanese motorcycles and Volvos— and off-the-beaten-path brews.

Bryan Schaub photo of AvanchetsBryan Schaub, a Geneva-born Swiss is a photo contributor.

At barely 21-years-of age, Bryan has become one of the most popular instagramers in Geneva with more than 84,000 followers -at time of publishing.

His hashtag — #CripixtMovement — has been used over 60,000 times since he created it in October 2014.

Bryan’s photo featured on this page captures a peaceful moment at the Geneva train station.

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