Sister Sledge reminds different is good

This is not an alternative fact, or a cleverly timed WikiLeaks allegation, this is a story as it happened to me. Sister (Joni) Sledge has died. Why is that important? One, because she was much too young to die, and yet another in a trend of much-too-early deaths in recent months. And two, because her…

Staged stabbing at CERN causes uproar, raises questions about security

GENEVA – Several online outlets today point at a bizarre video shot in the premises of CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, whose lab in canton Geneva carries out high-energy physics research. The video, which CERN officials say was shot “without official permission or knowledge”, also raises questions of security in the premises late at…

New festival lives up to Geneva’s sleepy reputation

GENEVA, Switzerland – Is it art, meditation, group experimental performance art or a really cool massive sleep-y festival? I am not sure, but if “bring your own pillow and sleeping bag” is any indication, this sleep concert / nuit sonorisée is a first for Geneva.

Of Nails and Doors

GENEVA – The last job on my Sunday chores list involved repairing one of the original interior doors in our circa 1913 Geneva flat. I say circa, because that is the date stamped on the abutting building of identical construction to ours.

Swiss farmer grows an 800kg pumpkin

GERMANY – A Swiss farmer has won the title of Master Pumpkin Grower after producing an 850kg monster pumpkin, considered the largest in Europe. 

Buy Your Own Little Summer House in Italy for Just 1 Euro

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – We will soon be saying goodbye to the season formerly known as summer, but in Sicily it will be summer for a while. With this in mind, imagine having access to your own sunny, lovely Italian casa for just 1Euro.

Swiss Parliament Secretary Saucy Side Job

WARNING: I rarely feel the need to alert readers to explicit content. But some may find the topic distasteful. GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – The identity of the Swiss parliament secretary who posted hundreds of naked “selfies” on Twitter has been revealed in international media, pointing to the fact that she is a hard-core porn actress in her off-time.